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Devin Hosea

Devin Hosea - founder and CEO
Founder and CEO

Devin Hosea has been operating and investing in technology ventures for almost 20 years. Professionally, he has worked in buy-side investing, starting as a research analyst for Alliance Bernstein, then as Vice President for Technology Ventures at GE Capital, as Managing Director of Biotechnology Ventures for Ritchie Capital Management, and then as Managing General Partner for Interventure Capital. During his investment career, he “dropped in” to restructure and run three companies: Vanguard Automation (from bankruptcy to $67m sale), Subscriber Computing ($80m sale of a company GE had written off entirely), and American Biophysics Corporation (a company focused on combating malaria with technology).

Academically, Mr. Hosea has focused on artificial intelligence. After graduating from Princeton University, he was awarded a National Science Foundation fellowship, where his research focused on hybrid reasoning, decision support systems, and the practical implementation of automated reasoning in medical applications. He patented the results of his work as an NSF Fellow, and also published them. He is currently the primary or co-inventor on over a dozen issued patents, with several pending. He has taught at Harvard Business School and has also been an invited speaker at several prestigious conferences, including the Fortune Global Economic Forum. In 2001, Fortune Magazine named Devin one of the top 100 most influential technologists in the United States.

Entrepreneurially, Mr. Hosea founded and ran Predictive Networks in 1998 and served as its Chief Executive Officer until 2002. He not only conceived of the core technology and business model for Predictive Networks, but also raised about $50 million in venture financing from Battery Ventures, Intel Capital, Advent International, Nielsen, NTT (Japan), and others. He has also helped launch Aviir (a cardiology diagnostics company out of Stanford Medical School), co-founded Telesecret (a VOIP cryptography company), and started Acoustic Surgery Corporation (an ultrasound sonothrombolysis company). He has served on the Board of Directors of over a dozen venture-backed companies in his career, and currently is Chairman of Syringex Medical, Inc. and is the lead independent director of its Hong Kong subsidiary.

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