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New Haven

New Haven is the second largest city in Connecticut and home to Yale University.  Named Best Foodie City in the country in 2014 by, New Haven is home to a wide variety of culinary delights and is especially renowned for it's pizza.  New Haven is a culturally rich area with Museums, Theatre, Music Venues and Sporting events.  Founded in 1638, the city has a deep history that reaches back to the early colonial days and is now a very racially and ethnically diverse area.  Several regional and commuter rail systems provide easy access to New York City, which is just under 2 hours away by train. 


Software Development careers

Ithaca NY is a wonderful mix of natural beauty, higher education, business and culture located in the heart of the state, Founded on the southern shore of Cayuga lake in the late 1700's, Ithaca is home to Cornell Univerity and Ithaca College as well as tech startups that often flow out of the research being done at the university. Ithaca is known for it's beautiful gorges which cut right through the center of town and are the inpiration for the famous local phrase "Ithaca is GORGES".  The area also has 4 state parks and Taughannock falls which is the tallest waterfall east of the MIssissippi. Ithaca is a vibrant socially aware community that produces world class Art, Theatre, and Music. There are many outdor activities available in and around the lake, gorge trails and countryside and skiing nearby in the winter.  


Cambridge, MA

Located in the Boston metropolitan area, Cambridge, MA is a bustling hub of intellectual thought due to the presence of Harvard University, MIT and a host of other institutions of higher learning.  It is also home to offices for Microsoft, Google, IBM, Phllips Research and a variety of non-profit groups and think tanks.  Cambridge has a thriving artistic community with many Museums, Bookstores, Art House theatres and Music venues. The architecture is a mix of historic colonial era buildings and notable modern additions created by Harvard and MIT such as Frank Gehry’s Ray and Maria Stata Center.  


London UK

A city with an incredible history that spans 2 millennia, London is now one of the world's financial centers and a global leader in the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, tourism, and transport. London is a diverse city of over 8 million people where over 300 languages are spoken everyday. There is literally something for everyone in this city filled with parks, museums, historial landmarks, sporting events and nightlife.

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