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The PredictiCare Advantage

The PredictiCare Advantage

Data Science

Most “predictive analytics” software produces fixed rules, or algorithms, based on data-mining of historical healthcare information. PredictiCare conducts continuous calculations of adverse event probability for each individual based on real-time data gathered across the global network of patients.

Multi stage prognostic engine analyzes data in real time conparing across all patients

Specifically, the PredictiCare system:

  • Learns from experience - More patient and provider data improve analytics – which creates a competitive advantage
  • Incorporates “non-medical” information to improve predictive accuracy
  • Does not attempt to create general heuristics to be applied universally. Each prognosis is personalized to each, individual patient - what is true for one patient may be the opposite for another; consequently, our computational prognostics are far more accurate than other predictive analytics technologies
  • Employs statistical induction, which means the “rules” are constantly updating, and predictive knowledge is developed from the collective experience of all other patients


24/7 Live Data Streaming from Outpatients → Precise Real-Time Prognosis

Passive collection of data using synced mobile devices
  • Fed by “passive” data stream - no active patient involvement required. Requiring active patient input is inconvenient and adherence can be inconsistent , especially for behavioral health patients
  • Synchronizes with any wearable or intermittent-use monitoring equipment

  • Integrates a computational prognostic engine with live data streamed from mobile devices for 24/7 real time monitoring
  • Allows for direct comparisons among patients, engendering precise predictions
  • Protects patient private health data using the highest standards of technologies and practices


We bring together cutting edge technologies and real human interaction to provide long term around the clock support for those suffering from addiction. Our HealthDesk℠ management software in conjunction with other supporting software systems provides more support for less overall cost to society.

HealthDesk software system manned by trained staff reduces the cost of adverse events and provides long term care
  • Reduces caregiver alert fatigue
  • Providers can customize thresholds for communication

  • Uses automated triage intelligence, backed up by trained HealthDesk staff before caregiver contacted
  • Not reliant on EHR, but may incorporate such information at caregiver’s discretion
  • Built-in alert triage for enhanced physician efficiency and satisfaction
  • Incorporates patient support functions, and real-time event detection
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