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Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Epidemic

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Epidemic

The cost of treating SUD is enormous and growing

The number of persons afflicted with SUD is large and growing.   In the United Kingdom during fiscal year 2013/14 the direct cost of treating drug related SUD patients alone was £581 million. These numbers reflect direct spending on the illness, not the indirect costs to society, such as associated illnesses (AIDS, HVC,HVB, etc.), absenteeism from school and work and interaction with the criminal justice system.  These indirect costs to society have been estimated to be more than 4 times the direct cost.

Total costs of treating addiction US Canada and core EU

SAMSHA and CDC/NCHS, National Vital Statistics System, 2015


Long Term Close Monitoring Shows Promise

Research has demonstrated that continuous close monitoring of Physicians with SUD results in markedly higher rates of sustained recovery from addiction than the recovery rate for the SUD population at large.  However, up to now close monitoring programs have not been widely used because of the significantly greater cost involved.  The PredictiCare solution adopts state of the art technology that enables healthcare providers to offer a cost-effective continuous monitoring treatment program for all their SUD patients.

Various approaches to SUD treatment

Different approaches to addiction treatment are used throughout the world with varying degrees of success. PredictiCare offers a cost-effective continuous monitoring solution that complements and increases the efficacy of all treatment models. 


SUD treatment methodologies

PredictiCare offers a new approach to the
treatment of Substance Use Disorder. 


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